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Indulgence Packages

Ultimate Indulgence Anniversary Package: (this package does not include accommodation)

Treat yourself and that someone special with Mira Mira’s Anniversary Package.  This pamper package includes:

1 hour massage for two – selection of massages as listed below:

  • Aromatherapy spa bath package
  • Local Cheese Platter
  • Bottle of sparkling wine or a bottle of regional red or white wine
  • Deluxe Chocolates
    Price $400.00

Gourmet Indulgence Package

Relax and enjoy our local wine and cheese with our Gourmet Package.  Perfect for a late afternoon or mid evening indulgence.

  • Delicious Cheese platter for 2
  • Bottle of sparkling wine or a bottle of regional red or white wine
    Price $150.00

To book one of our indulgence packages please contact Carl Ward on (03) 5626 7200 or email dragon@miramira.com.au.


Place yourself in the hands of our trained therapist to relieve muscle tension and the stress of every day life.  A perfect experience for those who wish to escape and ideal to share with a partner. Relax and stimulate the senses with one of our therapeutic massages. Enjoy an indulgent experience in pampering to relieve fatigue, de-stress and invigorate the body.  

All massages in the privacy of your retreat. (Booking minimum of 2 or more persons, subject to availability of the therapist at the time of booking.)

Treatment rates per person;

Hawaiian Massage, Hot Rocks – oil massages.  Foot/Seated Massage Combo, Tactile Kinetic Therapy – Bowen, Thai Massage

  • 1 hour: $150
  • 1 1/2 hours: $200
  • 2 hours: $250

Raindrop Therapy using Young Living Essential Oil – treatment and massage

  • 1 hour: $115
  • 1 1/2 hours: $160


Known as Kahuna or Lomi Lomi Massage.  This is a graceful, rhythmical technique with its signature long flowing strokes from head to toe that assists in unblocking energy, so creating a balance and a sense of overall wellbeing.  It can be Relaxing, Lymphatic, Therapeutic, Remedial or act as a Releasing agent for “issues in tissues” depending on what is required by each individual person.  Prepare to be oily!


Thai style massage. Fully clothed massage that kneads the muscles and stretches the joints to relax and release stress easily.  Helps to unblock fluids and energy bringing about more balance and a feeling of wellbeing.


Hot Stone Massage assists the body to sink into another dimension of bliss as the heat of the stones sooth any aches and releases toxin build up, whilst your body is massaged with flowing strokes. A very nurturing experience.

RAINDROP THERAPY- 1 hour $110, 1 1/2 hours $155

This is a very different aromatherapy using a magnificent mix of essential oils that are applied on the back legs and feet to bring it into structual end energetic alignment and balance.  Young Living Essential Oils used.


Head, shoulders, back and arms massage to release stress and put you into a place and space that allows you to feel light and carefree. Fully clothed.


A heavenly foot massage to relax or stimulate those tired feet that work so hard for very little reward or attention.  The feet represent the whole body and all the organs which can be stimulated through the massage and pressure points.

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